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Future-proof your business, eliminate manual, repetitive and time consuming work from your employees' shoulder, integrate your systems and streamline accounting operations and reporting workflow.

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Technology is no longer a Function of your business, it's part of your business

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 Financial Reporting Process

Automate mundane aspect of the financial reporting process. Customise financiaql statements to meet the need of your organisation for high quality report generation. 

Process high volume of structured and unstructured accounting data (Invoices, tax returns, contracts etc.) and move it automatically across systems.

 Easily track expenses, revenue and debtors. Reconcile your records 

Automate Data Processing
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Accounts Payable & Receivables workflows and Reconciliation Automation

Streamline the end-to-end process of invoice processing. Accounting automation will allow automatic invoices, validate them against predefined rules, initiate approval workflows, and update payment information. This accelerates the process and reduces the chances of payment errors and delays.

Automate the reconciliation of financial statements, bank accounts, and transactions, identify discrepancies between different data sets, and generate accurate reports.




Industry leading software and best practices only provide maximum benefit when implemented properly. Further, inexperience implementing these systems can lead to a lot of precious time being wasted and considerable frustration. Our team can help.



Large organizations use a myriad of systems; ERP, budget, payroll, etc. Improving efficiency means integrating with these systems to save time, prevent fraud, reduce the risk of error and improve value for money in your operations.


Perhaps you have been using the product for years. Are you using it to its full potential? Could an unused feature/approach result in saving hours every month? Our experience tells us most often the answer is "Yes".


Whether you are a believer in traditional in-person training or embrace online opportunities, we have a training solution that will fit your preference and budget. Our authorized instructors will educate your finance team in a traditional classroom setting or in the comfort of their office.

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Stay in Touch

LCJ Management Ltd

Vinta Lane III, Solferino
Vacoas, Repiblic of Mauritius


Phone: (230) 598 499 96

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